Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Disney Fund Update

Wow!  Janaury was a great month on Ebay for me.  By far the best month I've ever had.  Sales were steady, getting at least one sale a day most days.  My best selling items were toys.  It always amazes me what some parents will pay for used toys. 
I kicked off the fund with a $375 deposit.  My goal is to deposit $363 monthly to have 4k by November 1st.  This month I was able to bring the fund up to $900.  With all of my sales this month, I paid my Ebay fees, for all my inventory (aka Goodwill trips) and put $100 towards some work done around our house.

How was your month?  Are you working towards any goals this year?


busy little bee said...

You are doing REALLY good! You almost earned 1/4 of your goal, in the first month!

I'm doing something new here. I am selling stuff on craigslist for some friends of mine. I take pictures,list the items and store the items here, then deal with the buyers. I get 25 percent. In the last two days I have sold $178 worth of stuff. Earning me about $40ish. My girls have never been to the beach before. We are planning on going this summer. I hope I can earn some extra cash to help with that.

Carrie G. said...

Funny, I'm doing something similar, but much more painstaking - we're anticipating going to Disney next summer (2013) and we have a family of five, but two of our kids count as adults. We want to stay for eight days. That said, I am paying myself a $25 Disney Shop/Dine/Stay/Play gift card for every week that I sell $250, and a $50 card for every week that I sell at least $400. I plan to tuck a little away from side jobs/consignment/tax return as well so that by next summer, we should be good to go :)

Good luck on reaching you goal; it sounds very obtainable at the rate you are going :)

beckyp said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog. About your question regarding peek a blocks. I normally do not buy them I think ebay is flooded with them and you have to price low to get rid of them. I only got them because they were so cheap at the thrift store