Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Few Facebook Sales

I love selling things locally. Fast cash, 1 picture, 2 to 3 word descriptions, and it's gone. A few weeks ago I listed some things that I've had sitting. Some of these I could have done better on Ebay, but considering I hardly anything invested (thank you Goodwill Outlet) it doesn't bother to let them go for much less. Plus, I love keeping my pockets stacked with cash, ebay shows up in Paypal. Here are a few highlights from the last few weeks.

Wilton Cake Pans. $50, sold within 10 minutes of listing, but the lady asked if I could wait until the following week when she got paid. I probably had about $3 to $4 invested.

Bitty Baby Twins. I paid around $2, sold for $40.

Those were my 2 biggest sales in the last couple of weeks. I also sold a nice amount of smaller items including a bunch of my daughter's 4T dresses for $3-$4. They were nice, but not worth putting on Ebay and consignment sale would have taken about 40%. Besides meeting someone for the item, I prefer this over having a yard sale.


Amanda said...

Good idea about the Wiltons. I might have to try that. I've collected a bunch but haven't had any bites on eBay yet.

momtoqts said...

Great Job! I really need to see if there's a FB group that does this near me.

Veronica said...

Nice sales. There aren't any good Facebook groups around here.

Ashley said...

Hey - Someone asked me to cover the topic of FB sales whether they are worth it or not - can I share a snippet of your story within my post? Of course, I will link back to you :)